Paradise Farm


It took me a long while to decide to put a presence up on the internet for the whole world to see, but the time away from the internet was well spent as I wanted to “grow” and gain knowledge and skills I was hungry for … especially after starting work so early in my life as a young actress in the Philippines. I wanted to be able to show and more importantly, share something of my life and the work I’ve been involved in – which is of course, something quite different from acting and being in front of lights, camera and audiences.


I knew, from observing the situation of my fellow talents in the movie industry of the Philippines, that the best times of our lives – under the limelight – would only last momentarily. If we could not take control of our work and plan our life out, we would end up forgotten and sadly, destitute, if not buried six feet under …


I wanted to explore all possibilities and in the process of exploring, to also address the future and the very real issue of managing work that I could gain total satisfaction from – and this presented itself in the form of “Integrated Farming”. Something I have been devoting my time and attention to the past 10 years or so with Paradise Farm in Zambales.


The time has come for me to tell the world my story and my work and I would like to do this from the stance and perspective foremost of a Filipina who loves her country, the Philippines, and her people … and one who truly enjoys the fruit of hard labour and the yield of the land.

This is my way of extending my joy and my interest in sharing experience, information and know-how to people who would like to learn more about putting up a farm in the Philippines.

And, as this site progresses, information that can lead to business development on a local and international scale.

I hope you enjoy my site and will find time to write to me and share your thoughts. I shall be very happy to hear from you.

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