Integrated Farming

Higher economic growth, population explosion, and the ever-increasing demand for food, stability of income and multiple other requirements are putting a strain in the Agricultural System in the Philippines. By applying Integrated Farming and Sustainable Agriculture methods, short term farm income can increase making life more sustainable for small farmers particularly in the rural areas or even in an urban setting.

Integrated farming is simply combining different aspects of agriculture such as growing crops, fruits and vegetable co-existingly and then integrate agriculture with livestock and aquaculture to achieve the best and optimum production and bounty from your farm. This will increase and maximize the produce you can get from your land and this increase the total income and market stability of your farm. But it does not end there. Integrated Farming also takes into consideration recycling of products and by-products from your farm, to ensure sustainability and reduce your overall cost.

In Paradise Farm, our Integrated Farming methods successfully combined: the finest crops; My Pinakbet Farm flourishing with a wide variety of vegetables, herbs and other garden goodies; some of the best mangoes you can get from Zambales;  tilapia, hito and ulang from our lake; cows; poultry; and of course my beloved sheep. Paradise Farm is self-sustaining and highly productive, ensuring its existing for years and even decades to come.

I will share with you some of my experiences and knowledge related to Integrated Farming, similar to what we are practicing here in Paradise Farm. My goal is to help small or beginning farmers learn the basics of this farming method and incorporate these techniques in their own farms for better productivity and higher income.

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