Dwarf Papaya

The Philippines is a perfect place for raising fruit crop and Paradise Farm is proud to have been producing several types of fruits, one of them is the Papaya.

The Papaya has been taken for granted for quite some time. The total crop area in the Philippines that is dedicated to the growing of papayas is estimated to only .1% of the total agricultural land. That is less than 9,000 hectares of Philippine farm land.

The papaya, in its young unripe form is used for a very common side dish, the atchara. In its ripe form, it is served freshly sliced and raw. Lately, the papaya has also been joining the ranks of preserved dried fruit as a snack.


There are several varieties you can choose from whether for backyard or commercial planting:

  1. “Cavite Special ” is a popular semi-dwarf type that blooms 6 to 8 months after planting. The fruit weighs from 3 to 5 kilos each and mainly eaten fresh.
  2. “Sunrise Solo” is a new improved high quality selection with reddish orange flesh, each fruit weighing half a kilo.
  3. “Waimanalo” is high quality variety with orange yellow flesh, each fruit weighing from one-half to one kilo.
  4. “Sinta” is the first Philippine-bred hybrid papaya, semi-dwarf, profile, sweet and flesh and weighs 1.2-2.0 kg./fruit.

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