Mission and Vision


Many might be wondering why an actress like me, who have started early in my life in this industry, has diverted to something that is quite different from the glitz and glamor of acting, basking in the limelight in front of cameras, lights and audiences. Although these were the best times in my life, I know for a fact that this would only last momentarily, as what I have witnessed with my fellow talents in the Philippine movie industry.

I wanted to do something more…

I wanted to explore all possibilities and in the process of exploring, to also address the future and the very real issue of managing work that I could gain total satisfaction from – and this presented itself in the form of “Integrated Farming”. Something I have been devoting my time and attention to the past 10 years or so with Paradise Farm in Zambales.

The time has come for me to tell the world my story and my work and I would like to do this from the stance and perspective foremost of a Filipina who loves her country, the Philippines, and her people … and one who truly enjoys the fruit of hard labor and the yield of the land.

This site brings into focus the Importance of Agriculture. The Philippines is basically an agricultural country and we as Filipinos should realize and go back to our roots and learn that the country’s economic development relies heavily on how robust our agricultural outputs can be.

This website aims to share my experiences and knowledge in farming through my work here at Paradise Farm. I will share with you my thoughts geared towards helping our countrymen answer and achieve these five major aspects and goals that I believe will help alleviate and improve their way of life.

  • Increase Farm Income and Sustainability — By applying Integrated Farming and Sustainable Agriculture methods, short term farm income can increase making life more sustainable for small farmers particularly in the rural areas or even in an urban setting.
  • Feed a Rapidly Growing Population — The threat of food scarcity and the resultant world hunger is real and apparent if people continue to ignore the signs and symptoms of our times. Integrated farming and Sustainable Agriculture can help mitigate this threat and ensure the availability of sufficient food for our tables.
  • Empowering Women — The role of women in our society is vital for its stability and a community with educated and empowered women have more chances for stability, economic growth, population control and optimum use of national resources.
  • Green Living and Energy Efficiency– The mindless way our community is consuming energy and other national resources is resulting to a society that is fighting constantly for inequality, instability and unsustainability. Learning green and energy efficient practices not only in our farms but also in our everyday lives can help mitigate these issues, increase our income, and give a higher quality of life for all.
  • Sharing the Knowledge, Sharing the Bounty – People who have successfully implemented the principles of Integrated Farming, Sustainable Agriculture, Green Living and Energy Efficiency have long reaped the rewards from their efforts and achieved the kind of life that they desire. But the road does not end there. People who have been rewarded with this knowledge should not forget and learn to share their knowledge and bounty to other people in the world that were left behind in the dark.

For it is only through sharing what we have and know that the community will finally achieve a sustainable, self-sufficient and economically stable society. This is the Mission and Vision of Paradise Farm.

I hope that it would be your Mission and Vision as well.

God bless you all!

–Isabel Rivas