Sustainable Integrated Farming
Sustainable agriculture for the future, for everyone.
Tips, tales and recipes from my Paradise Farm
About Paradise Farm

Paradise Farm is owned and managed by Philippine Actress Isabel Rivas.

Green living, Eco-living, Sustainable farming and Urban farming is the main thrust of Paradise Farm. Our mission is to encourage everyone to embrace eco-friendly farming.

The time has come for me to tell the world my story and my work and I would like to do this from the stance and perspective foremost of a Filipina who loves her country, the Philippines, and her people … and one who truly enjoys the fruit of hard labour and the yield of the land. – Isabel Rivas

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The Lady Farmer

My contribution to the world on the task I set upon myself outside of acting and how I started a farm business in Zambales in the Philippines on a 20-hectacres property.


I now cultivate mangoes and maintain livestock on the farm. It took a dedication of 10 long years, but I guess we can now see the fruits of all the labour and love, not to mention “blood, sweat and tears” poured into this project.

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Farming Tips

Paradise Farm celebrates the joy and pleasures of farming. We encourage our readers and our fellow Filipinos to look into farming and living healthy on a personal and ecologically friendly scale.

There is that intricate bond that connects people, land and community with farming. It offers a hopeful vision that Filipinos once again appreciate farming – even in their own backyard or a small space in the urban jungle.

Paradise Farm, in its mission to share the joys and pleasures of farming to every Filipino in every location, shares some farming tips to aspiring farmers – big or small.

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